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Online/Distance MBA


UGC Approved Online/Distance MBA

The IUBH Online MBA is accredited by the FIBAA (Foundation for international Business Administration Accreditation), WR and CHE. You can enrol for the course any time. Either you can opt to study 100% online or you can spend the last semester in Germany. The MBA has two operational modes. Ones has 60 ECTS while other has 90 ECTS.

  • Big Data Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • IT Management
  • Marketing

The exams are also conducted online.
If you opt for MBA-60 ECTS, then you can either complete in 12 months or 24 months.
 Else, if you plan to opt for MBA-90 ECTS, you can either complete in 18 months or 36 months. The language of instruction is English.
The fee for MBA-60 ECTS-12 months is €2,499. 
The fee for MBA-60 ECTS-24 months is €2,799. 
The fee for MBA-90 ECTS-18 months is €2,999. 
The fee for MBA-90 ECTS-36 months is €3,299. 
The fee can be paid in instalments.
Admission Requirements
You can apply online if you possess a Bachelor degree. You also need to submit proof for English language proficiency like TOEFL/IELTS. Professional work experience proof is also required. You also need to attach a copy of passport, latest photograph and a letter of motivation.


Online/Distance MBA
Benefits of Online/Distance MBA

Germany is well known for technological innovations and securing an MBA from a German University is a dream come true for many prospective students. Many such students hesitate to opt for an online MBA from Germany due to German language barrier but the true fact is that there are many business schools which provide a German MBA in English language also. Following lists some universities/business schools which provide online MBA. The accreditations, fee and duration of the course are subject to change over a course of time. Hence, it’s the duty of the student to cross check the details in the official websites before enrolling the course.

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