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Who is the right candidate to pursue Online MBA??

January 4th, 2019 Online MBA

There are so many colleges across the globe. Some are valid through highly rated accreditations like AACSB while some others don’t even hold even a regional accreditation yet still provide online MBA at a cheaper rate and low quality. All universities and colleges have also started  an online wing apart their campus form.

As the future of MBA is gradually changing form from completely on-campus mode to off campus, it has also resulted in the evolvement of education as a business besides the service form. Education is accessible to all sections of the society whether it be middle class or upper class. Distance is no more a barrier to continuing education. As a result many promotions also happen worldwide in the education sector especially in online MBA. Everything is accessible at the finger tips and anyone who is interested to learn can pursue an online MBA.

Promotions happen worldwide to attract the aspirants from all corners over the world. Factors like accreditations, approvals, placements etc become secondary factors for admissions. People look at the widely played ads on social medias and search engines to take an admission. So maintaining your fame and presence across these medias become primary to the colleges and universities too is they are to remain in the industry.

Ranging from CEO’s, managers, technologists to house wives all pursue an online MBA. Its attractive feature is nothing else but the flexibility. However is it really worth doing an online MBA to all? Lets find out who is the right candidate of online MBA.

We have been doing promotions exclusively over the higher education sector for the past 8 years . The insights we have received are based on more than 40000 student profiles and is thrilling and amazing. The majority of the students who have enrolled fall in the age group of 27-40 and own a minimum experience of 5 years. This online mode of MBA suits best for the working professionals. They enroll just for the sake of earning a promotion in the companies they work for. The real fact is that they would have been told that they are eligible for a promotion only if they produce a masters in business degree certificate. They might also get a financial aid if asked for. The reason behind this is that the companies need workers who are not just good at their allotted job but also understand the business better. This inturn brings more value into the company. Also it works well if the aspirant wants to switch from the technology domain to a management domain of work.

So what about the house wives and other aspirants without work experience? The answer is a complete NO. It doesn’t help at all because learning theories and no practicals makes nothing different. They need to go for a regular MBA itself if they need a good job.

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  • http://edward

    edward February 8, 2019

    kindly let me know the eligibility and total fees for MBA Marketing and another programme is MBA business management

    • http://doptit_admin

      doptit_admin February 13, 2019

      where do u plan to do your MBA? are you looking for Indian universities or abroad?

  • http://Mohamed%20Mzoughi

    Mohamed Mzoughi May 1, 2019

    Please let me know the eligibility and total fees for MBA business management.

  • http://Menna%20Azb

    Menna Azb May 6, 2019

    Please let me know the eligibility and total fees for MBA business management.

    • http://doptit_admin

      doptit_admin June 3, 2019

      Hi, You can browse through the pages for different universities across the world.
      The duration,cost and the mode of the exams have been specified for each universities in the corresponding pages.

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