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Not a tech savvy, Quit plans on Online MBA. Know Why?

January 5th, 2019 Online MBA

Online MBA attracts large no of aspirants due to the appealing features of flexibility, ease of study etc. But is it good for all to do online MBA? If you are really not a tech savvy you need not even plan of one.

Online MBA institutes grabs a global business through their attractive online ads, branding and reach through the social media. The impression created by these ads in the mindset of an aspirant is nothing less than a white-collar job earned at the comfort of a home. Is it really so? Let’s have a look at the background picture.

There are lot many hidden barriers for successful completion of online MBA program. The real fact is that only the success stories are showcased to the public.Here are the reasons we point out from our past experience.

If you are not technically sound you can never complete the course in a lifetime. Technically sound in the sense you should be a computer literate, internet knowledge, gadget experience etc.

You should be able to read and send emails on the internet. You should also be able to closely watch the social media on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Facebook is to follow the college pages for news and events while YouTube can be used for watching video tutorials. The LinkedIn acts a platform to network the alumni and advance in career.

Other than these you will have to use the LMS (Learning Management Software) to enroll the course. Also, mobile apps will have to be downloaded and installed for news and updates on examinations. Books will not be a part of online MBA however PDF books will be a part and parcel of it.

Webinars and Video Tutorials will become a part of daily life.

In fact computers, electronic gadgets and internet will become inseparable from your life.

So if you hate computers and internet for any reason please don’t opt online MBA but go for the regular MBA instead.

Some people even if are in love with computers and internet, might lead to health issues like headache on continuous usage. If so stay away from the online MBA field.

There is no online MBA in the world which is possible without internet and computers.

If you are a gadget lover and love to browse through the internet with a focus to study, there is no better option than an Online MBA.

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