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Few Reasons Why Students Drop out Online MBA Course

February 27th, 2019 Online MBA

The number of colleges providing online MBA have risen enormously over the past decade. Students are nowadays interested to have a balanced personal-study-work balance and do not prefer to leave their jobs for the sake of a degree.

Every single college promoting their distance learning courses go for digital marketing through the eye-catching ads and promotions. Aspirants get struck at the ads and join the course without another second thought. Some ads are very impressive describing the promotional offers and all. Some others claim that their MBA is easily acquirable and can be applied online. While universities describe their online MBA as the cheapest in the world market. The true fact is that the university portraits only the best features through the ads but the real scenarios are hidden.

Usually apart from the admission fee, there would also be examinations fee, books fee, late fee etc. Students would get burdened with a list of fees and might plan to quit the course without wasting too many bugs on the course.

Some others would have joined without even enquiring if it was an accredited one but later on would have realized the truth.

Some others would join admiring salary hike while some others would need to switch to new career. The online MBA if not accredited and valued, would not help both. For this reason, too many students drop out.

Some students quit the course due to lack of support/resource from the online colleges for the successful completion of the course. They might go for better approved courses.

Some others would be thinking that the course would be just mugging up from the books and writing exams in the local exam centres. This is wrong thought as everything from studying to writing exams are all conducted online. Studying would require an LMS access and lectures are lively streamed or are in the form of videos or webinars over the internet. As the course is fully designed in an online model, the students who are not tech-savvies would eventually drop out.

Some others would have acquired admission for the course in highly reputed institutions like HBS, still drop out. This is rather funny. During the course of study, they get stricken by an innovative business idea and works for an entrepreneurship. They work and work for tireless nights having not a single minute to spare for their studies. These guys too eventually drop out. Their role models are Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs etc.

The successful completion rate is just 70% for the online MBA courses worldwide and the rest 30% dropout. Even at the most renowned Harvard Business School, the 3% of the students drop out due to some reason or the other. So always remain focused and be careful to choose an online MBA provider, whether it be from any part of the world. You will get more tips to look for before joining the online MBA from the below article.

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