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Online/Distance MBA

Sup de Luxe, Paris


Founded in 1990, Sup de Luxe is a world renowned institute located in Paris that offers Bachelor’s and MBA programs specially crafted to meet the needs of luxury sector. Many world-class brands have collaborated and become part of Sup de Luxe like Armani, Bonpoint, Escada, Ferrari and a lot more. Sup de Luxe offers Online MBA in Luxury Management and the course title is “Luxury Management in the Digital Age”. The program is aimed at students, managers and professionals who would like to work in the field of Luxury Management or who are already in to the field. The Course is delivered in English. 

Course Recognition

The Online MBA program has earned the Level 1 recognition of the State. It has also earned the Repertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles’s registration.

Course Curriculum 

The Course Curriculum consists of the following topics.

  • New Consumers of Luxury
  • Distribution Strategies
  • Luxury Legal Issues
  • Branding, Identity and Creativity
  • Experiential marketing
  • Managing a Luxury Company
  • Launching a Digital Brand in Luxury World 1
  • Talent development and Management
  • Launching a Digital Brand in Luxury World 2
  • Sustainable and Social Responsibility Issues of Luxury Industry
Study Trip to Paris

Final Business project

Study trip to Paris

Sup de Luxe offers a study trip to Paris which is optional. The students can make full use of this offer to understand and experience the epitome of fashion and luxury – Paris.

Course Duration

The duration of Sup de Luxe Online MBA is 12 months. 

Course Fee

The Course Fee for the Online MBA program offered by Sup de Luxe is 10,500 Euros.


Online/Distance MBA
Benefits of Online/Distance MBA

Online or Distance MBA programs are aimed at working professionals. The major attraction of Online/Distance MBA is that working professionals can pursue studies at their convenience. Of course, the comparatively lesser course fee is also a major consideration from the student point of view. The entire admission, examination procedures can be accomplished online for most of the Online MBA programs.

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