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Digital Marketing Training Institute

Apart from Digital marketing consultancy DOPTIT provides job oriented training sessions for marketing aspirants, students and professionals. We are one of the most sought-after digital marketing training institutes in Kerala that provide quality training for a wide variety of digital marketing topics. After successful completion of the course, we provide Google Adwords and Google Analytics certification too.



  • Qualified, experienced and certified trainer
  • Offers Job assistance
  • Free study materials
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Live training facility
  • Relies on Advanced tools and technology
  • Online and Offline sessions
  • Free WiFi
  • Valid certification

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Week day batch (Monday–Friday)

Duration Minimum students Fees
40 hrs, 05 Rs15000

Morning batch (Monday–Friday) 9am to 10 am

Duration Minimum students Fees
40 hrs, 05 Rs15000

Evening batch (Monday–Friday) 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Duration Minimum students Fees
40 hrs, 05 Rs15000

Weekend batch (Saturday- Sunday) 10 am to 1.00 pm

Duration Minimum students Fees
40 hrs, 05 Rs15000

Crash course Individual

Duration Minimum students Fees
2 days, 8 hrs 01 Rs 8,000

Individual Training

Duration Minimum students Fees
30 hrs, 01 Rs 30,000


Group batch Individual Training Crash Course
Rs. 20,000 Rs. 35,000 Rs. 10,000
  • HTML
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Pay Per Click
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management
  • 1 HTML Introduction
  • 2 HTML Editors
  • 3 HTML Basic
  • 4 HTML Elements
  • 5 HTML Heading
  • 6 HTML Paragraphs
  • 7 HTML Sytles
  • 8 HTML Formating
  • 9 HTML Colors
  • 10 HTML Links
  • 11 HTML Images
  • 12 HTML Tables
  • 13 HTML Lists
It helps in improving the rank of the web page in a search engine. It helps in generating more visitors to your website
  • 1 What is SEO?
  • 2 Google & Bing's Webmaster Guidelines
  • 3 HTML for Creating a Search Engine friendly site
  • 4 URL, File Name, Page Title, Metadata, Headings
  • 5 Robots.txt, Sitemaps, panda & penguin updates
  • 6 Profile Links, Domain Age, Relevancy
  • 7 Mobile-friendly, Mobile Considerations
  • 8 Internal Linking, Link Building and Backlinks
  • 9 Design Considerations, User Friendly, User Experience
  • 10 Forums, Blog Posts, Link Directories, Blog Comments
  • 11 Disavow Tool, Reconsideration Requests
  • 12 Social Accounts, Guest Blogging
  • 13 Correlation vs. Causation
  • 14 Rel=publisher, Optimising for Local Search
  • 15 Geotagging, Google + Local, Local Portals
  • 16 Diversity of Anchor Text, Diversity of Sites and Domains
It is the interactions between people where information is shared and exchanged in virtual networks.
  • 1 What is Social Media?
  • 2 Establishing your online identity
  • 3 Why blogging is so important
  • 4 Engaging the audience with video
  • 5 Guest blogging and commenting
  • 6 Understanding Twitter jargon
  • 7 Growing your network in linkedin
  • 8 Collecting endorsements and recommendations
  • 9 What you can do on LinkedIn as a company
  • 10 Using groups to demonstrate expertise
  • 11 Facebook -Comparing profiles, groups and pages
  • 12 Making the most of Timeline
  • 13 Promoted Posts & Ads on Facebook
  • 14 Google + - Using Circles
  • 15 Pinterest -Pinning and repinning
  • 16 RSS, dashboards and social bookmarking
It is an advertising tool used to direct traffic to your website. We can have our advertisements displayed on various sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook
  • 1 The history of Google, and Google AdWords
  • 2 Google adwords certification
  • 3 Setting campaign goals and timescales
  • 4 Placement and content of Ads
  • 5 MCC account,google certified partner
  • 6 Negative keywords
  • 7 Use of creative content
  • 8 Dynamic keywords
  • 9 Google's Keyword Tool
  • 10 Website optimiser
  • 11 Landing pages,Content network
  • 12 Analytics and Conversions
  • 13 Data analysis and reports
  • 14 yahoo ads, bing ads
  • 15 Using an existing or new Google AdWords campaign to identify areas of improvement
  • 16 Exact keywords, broad keywords and keyword phrases
It generates a detailed report about a website's traffic. It measures the conversions and sales.
  • 1 Introduction to web analytics
  • 2 Tracking scripts
  • 3 Natural (SEO) vs. Paid (PPC) Search
  • 4 How to set up an account and profile
  • 5 Goals and funnels, Linking with AdWords
  • 6 Lead generation metrics
  • 7 Customising dashboards, Emailing reports
  • 8 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • 9 Reports: Overview, Visitors, Traffic, Content, E-Commerce
  • 10 Branding and Rich Internet Application (RIA) metrics
  • 11 Website design/site content optimization
  • 12 E-commerce, Tracking Goals and Events
  • 13 Goals vs. events
  • 14 Principles for setting up events
  • 15 Monitoring Change, Google Annotations
  • 16 Google Intelligence
It helps in improving the business's reputation. It is an ethical way on reputation management like responding to consumer complaints and providing customers with online feedback.
  • 1 When social media goes bad!
  • 2 The cost of bad reputation
  • 3 Protect your position > Register Twitter, URLs etc
  • 4 How to establish a social media company policy
  • 5 Daily Reports
  • 6 Free social media monitoring tools
  • 7 Paid for social media solutions
  • 8 What to do with the data
  • 9 Dealing with complaints
  • 10 What to do with praise > Evangelist
  • 11 Complaint escalation plan
  • 12 Enhancing reputation online
  • 13 Ask customers for feedback
  • 14 Build your customers into your R&D
  • 15 The socialisation of business: Public relations to human relations
  • 16 Various Online Brand Resources


DOPTIT PVT LTD is the top leading digital marketing institute in Kerala, India. Imparting digital education to the society and educating the common masses about the prospects of digital marketing is one of our core concerns. DOPTIT training enables an individual handle the monitoring aspects of the digital marketing campaign all by himself without the assistance from a consultant. After completion of the Course, the student will be in a position to prepare, strategize and implement the campaigns with utmost expertise and professionalism. And that means a qualified digital marketing expert.

The founder and Chief trainer Mr. Jitto Jose is an acclaimed figure in the digital marketing circuit of the state of Kerala. Having trained professionals and students from diverse fields, Jitto Jose is an experienced digital marketing consultant and trainer. Apart from being a Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified Professional, Jitto Jose is an accomplished web developer and designer. A regular participant in various digital marketing summits and conferences held both in India and abroad.


Who can attend

Basic internet knowledge and marketing sense are the only perquisite to attend the digital marketing programs offered by DOPTIT. Any individual who is confident enough to explore the infinite prospects of digital marketing can OF COURSE take up DOPTIT course and that includes

  • Business professionals
  • CEOs
  • Graduates
  • Fresher graduates
  • Job seekers
  • Housewives

Individual, Group and Corporate Training

Students can opt for the complete digital marketing training program or select individual topics like SEO training, Google Adwords Training & Certification, Google Analytics Training & Certification, Social Media Training etc.

Training facilities are available for individual and group purposes too. The greatest benefit of DOPTIT digital marketing training is that the students get an opportunity to conduct and experience live campaigns. And we offer Corporate Training too. DOPTIT is fully equipped to provide Corporate training as per the requirement of the client.

# Testimonials #

  • I had no prior experience of digital marketing of any kind. I just wanted to grasp the SEO concepts in detail before I join a digital marketing firm as an SEO Executive. The trainer Jitto Jose is gifted and speaks in layman’s terms so that I was able to understand even the technical aspects of the same within no time. A great learning experience

    Alen Mathew Mulamootil
  • My business was on the expansion phase and it was at that time that I thought about entrusting the online campaigns to an agency. But I really had other plans as well. I was already aware about the fact that with some effort I could conduct all my campaigns of my own. With that in mind, I took up the 1 month complete digital marketing program offered by DOPTIT. One of the best things about the course was that I got individual attention from the trainer which is not likely in the case of other training institutes where you receive group training. Within a month’s dedicated training and hard work - which comprised of both theory and practical classes I became Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified Professional. Now I am in a position to manage my firm’s online campaigns all by myself. Appreciate Jitto for his exceptional teaching skills.

    Sreekanth K U
  • After one month digital marketing training from DOPTIT, now I am an accomplished PPC expert. Yes, from a layman to a PPC expert. Once you get an idea of how keywords and related stuffs work, you start to think of your own. And that’s how you become a competent PPC expert. Thank u DOPTIT.

    Praveen Kumar P G