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Analytics & Insights


We have a proficient data analytics team who analyse complete digital marketing data sets like SEO, PPC, EMAIL campaigns, display ads, Video marketing, Social Media marketing, mobile app promotions, blogging, branding etc. Since we do all the digital campaigns we possess all data. We store them all in our database to analyse further. Every single conversion and click is studied with respect to all its dimensions. For eg the demography, geography, behavior of a converted user is well studied. The digital marketing strategists and the data analysts research on this data together.The outcome of this is the derivation of market insights for the best source of conversions for the client.

Thus we are able to make wise decisions in the internet market on where to spend,how to spend each and every single dollar. This helps us to bring in more conversions at a reasonable budget. This continuous practice of research not only helps to analyze the market trends but also helps to optimize all the digital campaigns.

This make it necessary for any successful digital agency to have an inhouse analytics team. Remember, in the world wide web lots of new digital strategies,new websites and new mode of advertisements are introduced everyday.The continuous research to find new market source is thus necessary to showcase any product across the internet.

The presence of analytics team helped us to go for a 90% client retention rate which is very much desirable.

Benefits of data analytics

  • bulletto derive digital marketing insights
  • bulletto derive digital marketing strategies
  • bulletto optimize digital marketing campaigns
  • bulletto make the best use of money spend across the internet
  • bulletto increase the number of conversions
  • bulletto study the targeted market audience their behaviour and other characteristics