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Mobile Development

Based on the statistics in a recently conducted “App Usage” survey, the young adults who belong to the age-group of 18 to 24 spend the maximum time on Mobile Apps. And that particular age-group can be the perfect target audience for an education provider. Our team provides responsive Mobile app services for various platforms like IOS, Android and Windows with download features. We have the expertise and technology to assist our clients in matters regarding app management too, thereby assuring the success of the app.

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Our team comprises of an experienced and talented lot of app designers, developers and optimization specialists who have ample skill and know-how working on mobile apps. Please share your idea or dream with our team. We would transform that idea in to a business reality.


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Based on a recent survey, the number of mobile users has surpassed the desktop users in the year 2014. And its welcoming news as far as Mobile app development is concerned. The number of Mobile users is still on the rise at a very fast pace.


Online CRM and ERP

Online CRM and ERP are software solutions that help manage your business endeavors effortlessly and efficiently. DOPTIT team is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology to develop the most feasible and apt CRM and ERP solutions to the esteemed clients.

CRM applications can be implemented in diverse schemes or plans that best suit your requirement and at the same time make the daily chores easy and smooth. Out of the box thinking is also possible with CRM solutions. If you would like to have such a unique plan, we are ready to help you at any time. Our software team makes a detailed analysis of your business. We conduct comprehensive study on market analysis, target audience, business dynamics to get the clear-cut understanding of your business and thereby come up with the best feasible CRM application.

Our CRM solutions are programmed and developed with 3 core result-oriented goals and they are increased productivity, enhanced customer rapport and augmented profit.

When it comes to ERP applications, businesses make use of multiple enterprise software modules based on their specific requirements and technical infrastructure. The ERP modules are assigned with specific tasks and each module is assigned with distinct task like marketing or product development. There are many other vital module tasks or functions like inventory control, accounting, purchase, planning, HR, distribution etc.

Entrust your entire CRM and ERP requirements to DOPTIT and experience our craftsmanship.