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Online/Distance MBA

Globis Online MBA, Tokyo


Globis University Online MBA offers both weeknight and weekend MBA sessions specially meant for working professionals. Globis University provides a General Management degree and the program is accredited by Japan University Accreditation Association.

Students may pursue the program online or take part in a combination of On-campus and Online program. Globis Online MBA relies on Cisco WebEx technology to offer live, interactive sessions. The course program consists of 36 credits.

Course Structure

The course curriculum is categorized in to Fundamental Courses, Applied Courses and Specialized Courses. Students are required to earn credits for each of the categories.

The Fundamental Courses offered are

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • Essentials of Marketing and Strategy
  • Marketing 1
  • Strategy
  • Operation Strategy
  • Essentials of Accounting
  • Essentials of Finance
  • Accounting 1
  • Finance1
  • Critical Thinking
  • Business Analytics
  • English Management Training
  • Leadership Development

Specializations offered are in

  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Globalization and Asian/ Japanese Management.

Admission related prerequisites

A recognized Bachelor’s degree is essential for all aspiring candidates. All applicants should have a minimum age of 22 and work experience of 2 years in a professional set-up. Applicants are supposed to have English language proficiency.

The applicants can also apply for a preliminary Screening if they lack the Degree or Work experience related prerequisites.

Documents to submit

The entire admission related documents can be submitted Online. The applicants are required to submit personal information, photo, transcripts, Recommendation Letter, Certificate of English proficiency, GRE/GMAT score, Essays and proof of Financial Resources.

Course Fee

The total tuition fee for Globis Online MBA is JPY 2,984,000. The tuition fee can be paid in 4 installments.

Globis Trial Class

Globis Online MBA offers Trial Class Opportunity for applicants to get to know more about the program. Visit the official website in order to join the Trial Class.


The duration of Globis Online MBA is 2 years. The students can opt for an extended duration of up to 5 years, if required.

Online/Distance MBA
Benefits of Online/Distance MBA

Online or Distance MBA programs are aimed at working professionals. The major attraction of Online/Distance MBA is that working professionals can pursue studies at their convenience. Of course, the comparatively lesser course fee is also a major consideration from the student point of view. The entire admission, examination procedures can be accomplished online for most of the Online MBA programs.

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