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Online/Distance MBA

Students globally do consider or prefer Japan to pursue their higher studies in Management these days. The scenario and the preferences have changed in the last decade. Universities and Business schools are full-fledged with MBA programs that are delivered in English. In terms of healthcare and transportation, Japan offers world-class facilities. Many youngsters love to study and work in Japan for these reasons and they also like to experience the rich and unique Japanese culture. Being a country with comparatively low crime rates, splendid infrastructure and fast-paced technological advancements, Japan is turning out to be a Management hub. Here is a list of institutions that offer Online MBA programs for working professionals.

Sl No Institute Name Duration Fees in Rs
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Globis Online MBA, Tokyo 2-5 years JPY 2,984,000
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Hosei Business School, Tokyo 1.5 years JPY 2,950,000
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The list of Online/Distance institutes that offer MBA

Online/Distance MBA
Benefits of Online/Distance MBA

Online or Distance MBA programs are aimed at working professionals. The major attraction of Online/Distance MBA is that working professionals can pursue studies at their convenience. Of course, the comparatively lesser course fee is also a major consideration from the student point of view. The entire admission, examination procedures can be accomplished online for most of the Online MBA programs.

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