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Challenges of Online MBA

November 18th, 2020 Challenges of Online MBA

The trend in modern education is changing over the years and the number of online MBA students have shot up during the last decade. Most often people think that this is comparatively an easier job when compared to the regular MBA. Many wrong ideas and thoughts have led people to conclude that online MBA is an easy stuff to handle. I will also show you the real challenges of the online MBA.

Many people that its easy to fly over the course as you have been financially backed up by the current job. You need not leave your work positions to pursue an online MBA. This makes it reluctant to refuse an offer for the weekend party by your friends/colleague 😊

  • Learn time to manage your time effectively – To make the matters worse, each time your colleague wins. The online MBA student ignores the weekend seminars and assignments over the fact that ‘I already have a job and hardly gets any free time nowadays. I can catch up the online MBA assignments anytime’. This is because you are not focused or do not possess a clear vision on what you are going to achieve at the end of the course. This is the biggest challenge faced by an online MBA student. Without proper time management its hard not only to cross over the online MBA exams but any course in the universe.
  • Motivation matters – If you are not a self-motivated person, pursuing the online MBA course is gong to the toughest job in the universe. Unlike the regular MBA, a professor is not going to inspire you or is going to guide you during the course. You need to be self-motivated and should also grab the study materials from online sources rather than waiting for the professor to announce an exam or the university to upload their study materials on the LMS (Learning Management System).
  • Get used to online – As you do not have a university mentor or a professor to guide you during the course, its difficult to have all your doubts answered. If ever you have posted them on the MBA forums or raised them to your online professor, you will have to wait for a couple of days to get them answered.You need to raise your doubts online and get them cleared too online.
  • Online MBA and your career – You need to make sure that you have taken up an online MBA course pertaining to the career you are currently into. Else, every course can be passed only if you invest an extra effort to study.An extra effort will also be needed to switch to a different career. If the course is closely connected to your current job, you might already possess some knowledge which makes your studies easier. You will also have subject experts in your work places who will also be able to clear your doubts.
  • A bit of travelling – Many people have a wrong notion that online MBA colleges would have online exams too or that the exams can be taken from a nearby exam center. But this is not always the scenario. Some colleges demand writing exams in their own centers which might need some travelling. If your current job doesn’t permit you to travel, things get worsened. Some people get trapped as the colleges might be abroad and would demand traveling to the native country to take the exams.

Online MBA is meant for very hard-working individuals who are focused and possess a clear vision on their future career. They should properly manage their time to achieve a proper work-life balance during the entire course of study.


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