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What’s Online MBA?

November 30th, 2018 Online MBA

What’s Online MBA?

This is an online mode of pursuing MBA and is recognized as much as equal as a regular MBA in some countries.
The word ‘online’ distinguishes the course from the regular MBA program.
Pursuing an Online MBA is an easier task as everything from applying to the course,fee payment,study mode and writing exams are done in online mode. This has a feel of a virtual campus.

How to pursue online MBA

On applying to the course students are granted access to LMS(Learning Management System). The successfully enrolled students thus obtain access to the wide collection of study materials, video tutorials etc according to the syllabus.

Who can opt Online MBA

Online MBA is sought mostly by working professionals. The intention is to study at one’s own comfort while they can continue their job alongside. This helps to improve thier business skills and earn a promotion in their work sites.
However a non working professional also can opt to study online MBA.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online MBA

Online MBA has less fees compared to a regular one and can be studies in one’s own comfort without loosing a job.
Most of the colleges do not demand scores like GMAT, CAT etc for working professionals.

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