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Scheller College of Business,Executive MBA,Atlanta

December 3rd, 2018 Executive MBA in USA

Year of Establishment:1912

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

 Brief History

The executive MBA ( EMBA) is offered by the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) founded in the year 1888. The Scheller College of Business was established as the school of commerce in 1912.  The EMBA program tackles the changes caused by the advancement of commerce and technology in world business today.


The EMBA is meant for working professionals that need a transition in their career, but can’t afford to take a break in their profession either. The program molds you to face the challenges found in today’s business world. During the course, you attain leadership qualities, business skills, and managerial skills required for the future.

The program has two MBA degree specializations. They are allocated with the same core syllabus which then later deviates to the specializations: MBA in Global Business (MBA-GB) and MBA in Management of Technology (MBA-MOT). The Scheller College of Business is allocated in the ‘high-density commercial and residential neighbourhood’ of Midtown Atlanta, Georgia.


Scheller College of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International.

State-of-the-Art Campus

Scheller College of Business offers some of the world’s best facilities in the world. The state-of-the-art campus boasts of one of the largest technological research enterprises in the United States. Learn more with a video posted by Scheller College.

Important Details

Begins in: August

Last Date To Apply for National/International Students

International Students: 3rd April 2019

National Students: 30th June 2019

* Verify the dates on College website.

Program Framework

 Core Syllabus

  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Marketing and Consumer behavior
  • Data Analysis for Business
  • Financial Management
  • Global Economics
  • Manufacturing and Service Management
  • Business Regulations
  • Strategic Management
  • Information Systems
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • International Business Negotiations
  • Sustainable Business Strategies

Program Duration

Part-time – 17 months

Study mode


Part-time variant

Evening, Wednesday

Program held

On campus



  • requires TOEFL for international students. IELTS is not accepted by Georgia Tech.

Read more about the TOEFL as specified by Georgia Tech



           Fee covers the following:

  • Tuition & Fees
  • Required books, texts, and class materials
  • On-campus parking pass (directly across from Scheller College of Business)
  • Meals & refreshments during class times
  • Dedicated Academic Program Manager
  • Select International Residency costs
  • Full access to Georgia Tech student resources
  • Admission to guest speaker events, symposia, and lectures
  • Video recordings of class sessions
  • EMBA  Executive Coaching & Career Services

Fee does not cover the following:

  • Lifetime Executive Coaching for Executive MBA alumni
  • Tuition does not include the following
  • Lodging during Atlanta campus residencies
  • International Residency flights to/from US
  • Personal incidentals during International Residency*
  • Special Program Fee for Optional Residency
  • Airfare to/from Optional Residency location
  • Personal incidentals during Optional Residency*

Academic Requirements

  • Minimum of 5 years of work experience
  • Current resume
  • Online Application
  • Two Professional Letters of Recommendation(including your immediate supervisor)
  • Official TOEFL Score
  • Official GMAT Score or GMAT Waiver Application

Student visa

F1 student visa

  • International students who wish to study an academic program at a US college or university are issued F1 student visa by the US consulate or Embassy

F1 Visa Qualifications

There is a strict criterion that students need to provide in an F1 Visa Interview.

1) Foreign Residency

Students must intend to return to their foreign residence on completion of their course.

2) Sponsoring Institution

You may only study at the academic institution which has granted the visa.

3) Financial Support

Students must demonstrate adequate financial support.

4) Strong Bond with Home Country

They should demonstrate their strong bond to their homeland by providing details (but not limited to) of the following:

  • Assets (house, land, vehicle, etc)
  • Bank Accounts
  • Family
  • Job Offer Letter upon Completion of Studies

Work Visa

You need to get a work visa if you wish to work part-time along with your study while in the USA. You could work part-time on campus at your university, once you have been added to the SEVIS database along with your Social Security Number (SSN)


If your designated school official (DSO) allows you to work, they would provide you with a letter and add your information in SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.

Application Criteria

You can apply for a work visa if you have approval from the officer in charge of international student affairs.


Your work permit has a duration of two years and is valid as long as you have a valid visa. You are permitted to work for 20 hours / per week, with permission to work full-time during holidays and school breaks.

You are required to have a letter from the University, a letter from your employer and Proof of age, identity and work-authorized immigration status.

Placement Assistance / Career Development

Since it is a course for the working professionals, they offer career development assistance to the students. They offer the resources and a dedicated staff to guide you. You could select from a ‘portfolio of services’ provided by the college.

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