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Why Covid 19 Pandemic Has Boosted The Appeal Of An Online MBA

April 9th, 2021 Online MBA

All the leading online MBA provides in the world had witnessed a significant increase in the number of students taking admission for online MBA programs during the Covid 19 pandemic.

People around the world irrespective of the age, gender or profession were required to follow strict travel restrictions on behalf of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The lockdown norms in varying degree forced people to remain in their homes causing obstruction to conventional ways of studies. Every brick and mortar educational institution was forced to close down for indefinite period.

However the pandemic scenario revived the online education sector particularly the online MBA in the US.

The MBA-dedicated website Poets & Quants has revealed that many top online MBA providers in the US have experienced a huge percentage increase in the number of online MBA admissions compared to the previous year. It is estimated that the top online MBA institutes like Kelley School of Business has benefited from a 64% increase in admissions. The website claims that the percentage increase in admissions is even more when it comes to institutes like Jack Welch Management Institute and Carson College of Business.

Here are some of the contributing factors.

The huge benefit of flexibility – An online MBA revolves around the concept of “study at your pace” and therefore it suits best for working professionals. The online MBA is highly flexible and it helps students manage their work-life balance efficiently. The student may accomplish the coursework at his or her convenience irrespective of the location. Online MBA programs allow students to select synchronous or asynchronous classes or both to pursue their studies. The travel restrictions due to Covid 19 lockdown won’t affect the course of study. The most important prerequisites of pursuing an online MBA are a laptop or a capable device and broadband internet.

The taboo around online education is on steady decline – Online MBA education was perceived as “ineffective” in the past decades for some reasons. Some people considered it as not practical and worth the money due to the lack of real-time-experience.  The Covid pandemic worked as a catalyst to break the taboo around pursuing an online MBA degree.  Many online schools are investing huge sums of money on online courses and associated tools these days due to the success of these programs. The questions or doubts regarding practicality were tested in the months of lockdown.

Effective networking opportunities – MBA aspirants in the past decade believed that online MBA programs lacked networking opportunities. And it was true to some extent as the technological support was limited.  And this resulted in many students refusing to opt for an online program.  However the scenario had changed tremendously in the last 4 to 6 years.  The high degree of networking options with other students, faculties and professionals from various nationalities and cultures offered a totally different perspective to online MBA programs. The student gets entry to the hundreds of alumni networks which have multi-talented and experienced professionals. The fully-functional and effective tools, efficient student support systems and technological upgrades helped in enhancing the student networking opportunities. This has in-turn augmented both the credibility and reliability aspects of an online MBA program.

Online MBA makes students fully-equipped to handle remote work requirements – More than 80% of the businesses instructed their employees to handle the daily work from home due to the pandemic. Networking is an important aspect of pursuing an online MBA. This networking experience helps the working professionals interact effectively with international clients during the pandemic.

Accredited universities – More and more top ranking, accredited universities are ready with their online programs to leverage the restrictions of the pandemic. These accredited universities share the same Course structure of the conventional, regular MBA program. The only difference is that the mode of study is online or comes in blended format.

Affordable online MBA in US – As salary cuts became the new normal during the pandemic, online MBA programs helped working professionals with affordable learning options. The course fees of online MBA programs offered in the US vary with the university. The program fee of the top online MBA programs are priced high but there are many affordable options too. Pursuing an online MBA from an accredited Business School and thereby improving your existing skills and industry exposure is worth the investment.

Some of the affordable online MBA in US and their tuition fees are listed below.

Name of the instituteTuition fee per credit hour
John Brown University $600/ credit hour
Walsh University $745/ credit hour
Bay Path University $855/credit hour
Florida Institute of Technology $896/ credit hour
Webster University$750/ credit hour



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