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Benefits of Social Media Channels To Online MBA Students

November 18th, 2020 Benefits of social media to MBA students

Studying while working or otherwise working while studying!!

Both sounds familiar to online MBA students!!

This sounds easy and many people think its an easy task. Due to more promising careers one might opt for an online MBA. Also, the flexibility offered is another attractive feature. But the truth behind the curtain is that nothing happens and results in no progress. If you are struggling in such a situation this article will prove useful to you.

If you opt to study part time or pursue an online course time management is an important factor. Else it might result in hectic tasks and leave you depressed as you can’t meet the deadlines or the ETA’s in office while the studies also get abandoned on the other side. It’s a common mistake committed by all where they browse through the pages of study while they are at office. Unfortunately, office work accumulates and at the same time studies don’t happen in parallel in an effective manner. Most of you also might think that the presence social media, spoils your precious time but its not fully true.

Here are some tips that might help you study in effective manner by making use of social media channels.

Most of you know that students are granted access to LMS(Learning Management System) on being enrolled for an online degree. Apart from this this article states the importance of social media channels to help you get through the online course.

  1. Facebook

Anybody in the world has a Facebook identity and its popular irrespective of the age factor. Each one’s behaviours, likes, dislikes etc can be studied by simply visiting the Facebook profile. Not even the people themselves, any business enterprise or even an educational institution has an official Facebook page. Once you are enrolled to the online degree, make sure to visit the official Facebook page and follow it to get notifications, updates and news about the college. It connects you to the alumni and you will get to know how good the college was in providing placements and job opportunities to the early pass-outs . This study about the college when done before enrolling to a course, will prove useful to choose the best college.

  1. Youtube Channels

What has the YouTube got to do with your studies? You will find a resource pool of videos related to your subjects or courses. If you find any concepts difficult to understand make sure you search for it across the Youtube . A list of videos pops out from which you can choose the best one.

While Facebook page helps you understand the college in deep, the YouTube channel helps you to study your topics in depth.

  1. College Blogs

College Blogs should be subscribed as a must. This helps you understand what’s happening in the college when you are in a rear end doing an online study.

Apart from this there are many subject related blogs as many master professors own a blog of their own. If you ask a doubt or an explanation to a topic which you find difficult, you get the answer posted right away in all dimensions you need to understand.

  1. Forums

There are many Question & Answer forums where students and subject experts/professors are members. When a student asks a doubt or solution to a problem you will find many geeks working on it and a solution you are looking for. Making effective use of the forums will save a lot of time and you may need not worry on how to solve it. If you are pursuing an online MBA, you must discover the best active forums exclusively available for online MBA. All topics under Online MBA will definitely have a related thread and reading them will give you diverse ideas on how to end up in a solution.

  1. LinkedIn

Subscribing to the official LinkedIn page of the college gives you an opening to all news and events of the college as that in Facebook. But as LinkedIn is a professional social media channel, it allows you to track the alumni clearly and find job opportunities too.

  1. Twitter

Following twitter accounts of your professors, alumni etc will help you keep track of the activities of the professors and colleagues and allows you to keep in touch even if you are miles apart.

Making use of these social media channels wisely will no longer waste your time but add up to your knowledge base on the subject, courses, faculty and flourish your contact network.


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