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Difference between Leads Generated from Google Search and Facebook Lead Ads in Higher Education

November 19th, 2020 Online Ads for Online MBA

The concepts of impression and clicks is slowly losing importance and the digital marketing industry is being taken to the next level where they speak about only leads and the conversion percentage.

The metrics we look into are CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and not CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Impression).

Everything revolves in and around a Cost Per Lead Business Model and generating good quality leads become the need of the hour.

From my 15 years of expertise in online promotions and campaigns in the higher education sector and 3 million dollars spend over digital platforms, good quality leads can be collected in different ways in digital segment. I would rate the leads from Google Search Campaigns and Yahoo search campaigns as the best quality leads. These have a comparatively higher cost but the conversion rate is definitely higher.

What could be the reason behind higher quality in Google and Yahoo search?

The reason is simple. Let’s have an understanding of the person who is into Google making a search of the required product. He is making a search out of his own need and will. While making the search he sees one of the ads and clicks on the one which has the greatest number of appealing features and that suits his need. As the click is generated based on a person’s emergency or need, the more the conversion rate out of these leads. Even if the leads are fairly expensive, it will be compensated due to a high conversion rate.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook is an entertainment media on the internet. Generally, people visit Facebook to get the recent updates of the dear ones and not likely to search or buy a product. People advertise on Facebook merely for the purpose of branding and not to generate leads. Facebook Lead Ads are generally pre-filled by Facebook itself. In the sense the user just submits a form which was filled by Facebook itself. While submitting the form, they are not even redirected to the product website and doesn’t clearly understand the complete features of the product. The user clicks on the ad and submits the form, neither to buy the product nor he was in need of it but just due to some interesting features of the ads.So, these are generally rated low for its quality and is thus available at low cost.

From my experience, if you are marketing a higher education course over the internet, good quality leads are generated over google and Yahoo Search platforms. This information has to be shared so as to efficiently utilize your digital marketing budget.



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