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Difference between Online PGDM and Online MBA and Executive MBA

November 19th, 2020 Online MBA

Many of you might be wondering the difference between MBA and PGDM. Many colleges offer an MBA degree while others offer the same quality courses with a name PGDM. Actually, which is better?


PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management while MBA stands for Masters in Business Management. Both are closely related to business management but there is a difference between the two.

Both can be applied online as well as studied online. The examinations might be online or offline depending on the universities offering them. Both are valid across the industry and mould future generation with required skill sets. Still its confusing why some colleges like IIM’s offer PGDM course while others offer an MBA degree. So why don’t the IIM’s offer an MBA instead of PGDM?

Some PGDM courses are far approved and acknowledged over the MBA courses. For example, the PGDM courses offered by the IIM. When asked to weigh PGDM from an IIM and MBA from a recognized university, IIM weighs more.

So, what makes PGDM and MBA different?

The only difference is that PGDM is offered by autonomous institutions like IIM’s. They are not recognized by any university. Hence its just a Diploma and is not a degree. In fact, these institutions are authorized to offer a Diploma course and not a degree. PGDM is one such Diploma course only offered by such institutions.

Those colleges which are accredited by universities can offer a MBA degree.

Both the MBA degree and the PGDM Diploma are recognized by AICTE and either of the two is enough to climb up the promotional ladder.

The executive MBA is nothing but an MBA earned along with your job in a short span of time.

Hope by now you are sure which one to opt for-MBA or PGDM.


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